Special Education Aides

Totowa Public Schools   Totowa, NJ   Part-time     Education
Posted on September 16, 2022

2022-2023 School Year

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Individual/Classroom Aides,
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Patricia Capitelli, CSA


The word Diversity means a variety or assortment of different types of things. People are diverse in many ways. We live in different places, have different kinds of jobs, and go to different schools. We have a variety of ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs. We speak many different languages and differ in our thoughts and feelings.
Diversity is why the United States is sometimes called a “melting pot”. This means that people of different races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds have all come together to share their lives. Americans share a number of very important beliefs in democracy, in freedom of speech, and in the right to worship as they choose. These common beliefs provide an important foundation on which to build a nation. Americans stand for the beliefs and defend them.