Elementary Assistant Principal

The Monticello Central School District   Monticello, NY   Full-time     Education
Posted on August 28, 2023
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Current and appropriate New York State administrative certification (SBL, SDA, SDL).
3 years experience as a classroom teacher.

The Assistant Principal may perform some or all of the following duties and all other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools and his/her designee:
1. Accept responsibility as delegated by the principal for the administration and supervision of the Elementary School in accordance with the policies developed by the school board.
2. Participate in school corporation planning and decision making in such a way that the best educational interests of the Elementary school programs and the school corporation in general are represented.
3. Implement the systems of evaluation and supervision of instruction developed by the Monticello Central School District for improvement of professional teachers and instruction. This includes observation, report preparation, conferencing, assisting and providing instructional leadership.
4. Assist the principal in the administration of instructional and curricular programs for the building.
5. Evaluate and supervise the work of the teachers and support staff as directed by the Principal.
6. Assist the Principal in developing, maintaining and communicating building procedures to staff, parents and students.
7. Assist the Principal in directing the development and maintenance of an effective student record system, including attendance, grade reporting and discipline.
8. Assist the Principal in developing and/or maintaining effective building and corporation safety, emergency and disaster procedures, including safety inspections and safety drill practice activities.
9. As required by the Principal, share responsibilities for recruiting, screening, interviewing, recommending, orienting and supervising the certified teaching staff and non-certified support staff.
10. Implement Board policies and collective bargaining agreements.
11. Maintain adherence to all applicable Federal and State regulations and laws.
12. Assist the Principal in developing and/or maintaining an effective school/community relations program appropriate for the Elementary school.
13. Supervise student conduct and assume responsibility for the enforcement of discipline, providing due process for the rights of students.
14. Administer the student attendance policy.
15. Serve as liaison between visitors to the building and school personnel to maintain security.
16. Attend and participate in meetings of the Board of Education and its committees, as directed by the Principal.
17. Participate actively in professional growth activities.
18. As requested, act as the Principal’s designee for special education conferences, CST, Section 504 conferences and intervention proceedings.
19. Supervise student activities and ancillary areas as assigned by the Principal.
20. Serve as a member of the Principal’s cabinet.
21. Assist the Principal in collecting, organizing and analyzing assessment data.
22. Complete Federal and State reports.
23. Perform such record-keeping functions as the Principal may direct.
24. Perform such other tasks and assume such other responsibilities as the Principal may from time to time assign.
25. Assist in the development and successful implementation of the master schedule as assigned by the Principal.
26. Attend and support building, district, and community events.
27. Work with staff to develop activities to enrich programs.
28. Serve as liaison with parent groups, designated by the principal.
29. Supervise departments, with directors as designated by the principal.
30. Support the staff responsible for improving and preserving the District’s buildings and grounds.
31. Assist in managing the school budget to ensure resources are distributed and expended within the school’s allocated budget.
32. Communicate to all constituencies in a timely manner to assure adequate information sharing has occurred.
33. Prepare all requests for information, data, reports, and other communication in a comprehensive, timely, and quality manner.
34. Work effectively and collaboratively with all district departments and administrators to successfully meet both the academic and affective needs of students.
35. Participate fully in administrative meetings and workshops as required.

Shift Type - Full-Time
Salary Range - 95,000 Starting
Salary Code - Per Year
Job Category - Certified
External Job Application - Certified
Internal Job Application - Certified
Location - Rutherford Elementary School
Minimum Qualifications Screening

Please apply online by September 29th at https://monticelloschools.tedk12.com/hire or OLAS