Director of Human Resources

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Posted on January 25, 2024
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South Fayette School District 

Director of Human Resources

JOB DESCRIPTION TITLE: Director of Human Resources

QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Bachelor's Degree in human resources, business administration, business management, or a related field preferred or PDE Certification as Principal or Superintendent Letter of Eligibility. 2. Preferred experience in human resources or equivalent experience with administrative functions in a supervisory capacity. 3. Evidence of leadership and multi-tasking abilities. 4. Strong interpersonal and communication skills. 5. Technological skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel and email. 6. Demonstrated insight, intelligence and problem-solving ability. 7. Leadership in school system preferred.

REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools

SUPERVISES: Business Office Staff related to Human Resources.

GOAL: To lead and supervise the human resource department and direct the complex administrative and technical functions of the department in collaboration with the Director of Finance and Superintendent, to administer effective and efficient services that support the employees of the South Fayette Township School District and that distinguish the department as exemplary. 

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Job Descriptions/Recruitment/Section 1. Reviews and make recommendations for updates and compliance on all district job descriptions. 2. Assists leadership team members in projecting staff needs. 3. Reviews current positions and job assignments related to positions for efficiency and effectiveness and makes recommendations accordingly. 4. Assures all applications and application packets are complete and in compliance. 5. Coordinates testing with leadership team members for all assessments required for specific positions. 6. Trains staff in all aspects of hiring documentation. 7. Assures that the district interview process and hiring practices for all positions is in compliance i.e. postings, advertising, applicant tracking, testing and reference checks. 8. Reviews and makes recommendations for continuous improvement and assures compliance in all aspects of recruiting and hiring. 9. Selects appointees to recruit diverse candidates for all employee positions.

Employee Attendance 1. Implements the District Personnel software package for managing employee data related to employment, absenteeism, vacations, personal days etc. 2. Trains appropriate staff to utilize personnel software efficiently and effectively. 3. Makes recommendations for improvement in monitoring employee attendance records. 4. Analyzes employee attendance and reports.

Personnel Files 1. Reviews and make recommendations for efficient maintenance, tracking and purging of employee files consistent with the law. 2. Maintains district seniority lists and annually produces and distributes them as required by contract. 3. Controls access to personnel files and coordinates procedures for access. 4. Oversees collection of accurate demographics information on employees, as needed. 5. Works with the Assistant Superintendent to assure management of current and appropriate certifications etc. 6. Maintains staff data for all employees. 

Employment/Training/Resignations 1. Oversees staff compliance with physicals, TB tests, Clearances, 151 and Act 34 etc. 2. Coordinates procedures for processing of all new hires in the district, including review of benefits, compensation, etc. 3. Reviews all salary placements with the Director of Finances. 4. Coordinates new employee orientation and coordinates with the Assistant Superintendent, as appropriate. 5. Conducts exit interviews with employees, as appropriate. 6. Reviews all letters of resignation/retirement and responds accordingly relative to benefits etc. 7. Prepares all personnel information for the board agenda for the board secretary.

Non-Discrimination Procedures 1. Assures district meets ADA/504 requirements. 2. Assures district meets HIPAA requirements and procedures are in place to train personnel. 3. Acts as the District Compliance /Civil Rights Officer.

Credentials 1. Verifies or oversees verification that all support staff maintain the appropriate certifications for employment. 2. Works with the Assistant Superintendent to assure that all staff meets certification as per NCLB and that certification expiration and Act 48 is tracked effectively. 3. Utilizes TIMS to verify employment, issue emergency certifications, approve SmartSTART substitutes.

Salary Data 1. Reviews all data related to salary to assure employees are compensated appropriately and according to board minutes. 2. Notifies payroll of all new hires and verifies salary 3. Notifies payroll of any/all changes in employee status.

Collective Bargaining/Contract Management 1. Works with the Director of Finance to prepare information for negotiations. 2. Participates in all negotiations as requested. 3. Interprets contract language in collaboration with District level leadership. 4. Distributes contracts to employees. 5. Processes grievances as requested. 6. Participates in arbitration as requested. 

Mandatory Trainings 1. Monitors and records all required trainings for all employees. 2. Provides and/or recommends trainings as needed. 3. Addresses employees who are not in compliance. 4. Oversees all aspects of ACT 48 and ACT 45 for professional and administrative employees, as appropriate.

Employee Counseling 1. Counsels employees in the retirement process. 2. Communicates information regarding benefits, including health insurance, life insurance, annuities, etc. 3. Oversees the employee assistance program 4. Oversees all aspects of leave of absence requests 5. Oversees all name changes, additions and deletions to certifications. 6. Assists employees on an as-needed basis.

Leadership/Staff Training 1. Trains staff and assures policies are appropriate related to harassment and other policies as needed. 2. Trains staff and assures procedures are in place for child abuse reporting. 3. Assures proper procedures are in place for supervision, evaluation and discipline of employees. 4. Develops and implements procedures for internal and external employee complaints. 5. Implements a substitute teacher training program and fulfills the requirements as outlined by State and District regulations.

Employee Benefits 1. Coordinates communication and delivery of services for all benefits. 2. Keeps current on all legal procedures and assures compliance. 3. Oversees FMLA and sabbatical leaves. 4. Oversees and coordinates drug testing for transportation employees. 5. Assures compliance with Veterans Preference. 6. Coordinates and assures compliance associated with 403B and 409A. 7. Oversees Workers Compensation matters and communicates

Other 1. Remains current on PA School Code, CSPGs, BECs, and Board policy. 2. Remains an active member of PASBO and other appropriate organizations to enhance personal knowledge for the district. 3. Works with the Director of Finance to conduct annual evaluations of supervisors in the area of food service, transportation, maintenance and custodial services and technology. 4. Performs duties with awareness of all South Fayette Township School District requirements and policies. 5. Prepares employee handbook for each departments employees consistent with policies and practices of the South Fayette School District and updates it as needed and in coordination with department leadership 6. Plans, develops and revises personnel management policies in accordance with state legislation for submission to the Board for adoption and maintains policy handbooks. 7. Makes timely announcements of dates to be observed by applicants and employees to comply with state and district requirements. 8. Attends regular meetings of the leadership team and serves actively to improve communication, cooperation and planning. 9. Prepares reports as required by the Superintendent. 10. Attends monthly meetings of the Board of School Directors as required. 11. Responds to questionnaires, surveys and correspondence from research or professional organization requesting information on the districts personnel program and to requests of district personnel on matters not clearly covered by regulation, policy or legislation. 12. Assumes administrative responsibility for routine duties of the personnel services office, including approving absence certificates for appropriate members of the staff, approving mileage and expense claims of staff; submitting annually to the superintendent, a summer vacation schedule of staff members etc. 13. Assists with the utilization of Comply in coordination with the Assistant Superintendent, as appropriate. 14. Addresses or assists in addressing personnel issues as appropriate and required. 15. Assumes any other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent or designee.


Physical Demands: Travel to school building offices, classrooms, meetings in other districts/conferences, PDE Frequent travel throughout various buildings. Often sitting at desk for extended periods. Standing for limited periods of time. Light lifting to 20 pounds. Manual dexterity to use office equipment. Repetitive movement of fingers and hands for keyboarding. Sensory Abilities Visual acuity (with or without corrective lens) to read correspondence, computer screen. Auditory acuity (with or without assistive hearing devices) to be able to use telephone, interview job candidates, conduct staff meetings. Ability to speak clearly and distinctly.

Work Environment: Generally, office setting year round Temperament. Ability to work as a manager/leader and member of a team. Must be courteous and able to effectively manage people. Must be cooperative, congenial and service-oriented, and promote these qualities in the department. Ability to work in an environment with frequent interruption. Cognitive Ability. Ability to follow written and verbal directions and give direction to others. Ability to create and delegate assignments. Ability to complete assigned tasks with minimal supervision. Ability to read, write and do complex computations. Ability to use correct grammar, sentence structure and spelling. Ability to compose clear, concise sentences and paragraphs. Ability to organize office setting to efficiently accomplish tasks. Ability to work independently and make work-related decisions. Ability to exercise good judgment in prioritizing tasks, and directing staff. Ability to communicate effectively at all organizational levels.

Note: All abilities above must be at a professional management level, as expected from the required educational level of the job (i.e., Bachelors, Masters, and above) and the previous experience required.

Specific Skills: Ability to use computer technology and business software efficiently and effectively including but not limited to word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. Ability to maintain confidential information. Ability to manage a complex department with varied changing, service demand. Ability to use AV equipment for group meetings presentations, overheads, projectors, video equipment. License Valid Driver's License. Comments Position holder must have a friendly, helpful, caring personality. Position holder has relatively unrestricted access to information for the South Fayette School District and knowledge of management/operational activities 

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Twelve (12) months

Salary Range: Commensurate with position and candidates experience. Salary, work schedule and other conditions of employment are to be in accordance with the South Fayette School District salary schedule and applicable policies.

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the applicable policies of the South Fayette School District. South Fayette School District is an equal Opportunity Employment, Educational/Service Organization.

Mission Statement: In partnership with the community, the mission of the South Fayette Township School District, a leader in innovation, is to elevate academic, artistic, and athletic excellence of the whole learner by inspiring the strength to be dynamic, ethical, and empathetic citizens who flourish in a global society.