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Morris Hills Regional School   Rockaway, NJ   Full-time     Transportation
Posted on May 12, 2023
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Morris Hills Regional School District
2023-2024 School Year

12 Month- Start July 1, 2023
Salary dependent upon experience, education & background. Experience supervising school transportation systems. NJSTS cert required. Experience with contracted & employee delivered transportation services. Responsibilities: Safe & efficient transportation of the school transportation program. Ensures Compliance with all laws, regulations & board policy related to school transportation. Develop & administer a transportation program to meet the needs of the daily instructional program, field trips and extracurricular activities. Promote the safety of pupils through preservice and regularly scheduled in-service training of bus drivers and substitute drivers. Prepares all transportation records by law, code or board policy.

12 Month- Start July 1, 2023
Salary is dependent upon experience, education & background. Highly self-motivated and self-directed; proven analytical, evaluative, and problem-solving abilities. Ability to work within the appropriate level of independence. Ability to communicate effectively with colleagues in a fast-paced and/or stressful environment (interpersonal & telephone skills). Strong technology skills. Responsibilities: Maintain the student and transportation database in a manner that will ensure a safe and efficient system for transporting students.

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Morris Hills Values Diversity AA/EOE

Goals and Objectives

The educational program of this district shall help students:
Develop critical thinking skills necessary to solve problems.
Generate new ideas through creative thinking.
Use efficient learning techniques to acquire and apply new knowledge and skills.
Set specific goals; recognize constraints, alternatives, and risks; and evaluate and choose the best option.
Demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, mathematics, science, world language, listening, speaking, viewing, and media literacy.
Work with a variety of technologies.
Develop career awareness and planning, employability skills and foundational knowledge necessary for success in the workplace.
Demonstrate understanding, friendliness, adaptability, empathy, and politeness in group settings.
Examine, clarify, and apply positive values and ethical principles.
Build self-esteem by discovering their unique abilities and characteristics.
Develop positive attitudes toward school and toward lifelong learning.
Recognize the role of the individual in the global community.
Develop an awareness of and sensitivity to issues of cultural and gender equity.
Respect and work to improve the quality of the environment.
Accept responsibility for their own academic and social development and improvement.
Demonstrate qualities of good citizenship.
Develop habits which promote good physical and mental health.
The Morris Hills Regional District will:
Provide a comprehensive and integrated curriculum designed to prepare students for lifelong learning and personal development, for employment, and for citizenship in a democratic society.
Provide students with opportunities to clarify their values and ethics, develop civic responsibilities, gain a global awareness, learn to appreciate the values and beliefs of others, and gain confidence in their own abilities and talents.
Encourage involvement of parents, community organizations, business, institutions of higher learning and other appropriate constituencies in the education process.
Provide necessary resources to create an environment and atmosphere that allows maximum attainment of all education and people related objectives.
Enable the staff to continue to improve its skills by encouraging staff development and attendance at workshops and conferences.
Integrate a variety of assessment tools and procedures as a means for evaluating student performance and achievement.
Provide the opportunity and encouragement for all students to participate in educational programs which extend beyond school.
Provide for individual needs and differences by giving equal recognition and support for all academic and co-curricular programs.
Provide guidance for career selection.
Evaluate district programs on a regular basis.