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Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians   Choctaw, MS   Full-time     Education
Posted on February 2, 2024
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Job Announcement # 0 9 6 2 0 3 

Position Title: Coach Coordinator

Supervisor: Director, Department of Early Childhood Education

Location: Department of Early Childhood Education administration office 

Scope of Service:

The Coach Coordinator will have full responsibility for the planning, administration and implementation of the Department of Early Childhood's Coach component. The Coach Coordinator will function as a member of the early childhood division staff with specific responsibility for all matters relating to facility maintenance and MS State Department of Health licensing requirements. 

Duties & Responsibilities: 
1. Services as a mentor to the teacher and teachers assistants.

2. Works with Teachers to develop and improve their skills and abilities in planning and carrying out classroom activities, including CLASS, cultural inclusion and mental health needs.

3. Assess all education staff to identify strengths, areas of needed support, and which staff would benefit most from intensive coaching.

4. Provides opportunities for intensive coaching to those education staff identified.

5. Provide observations and receive feedback and modeling of effective teacher practices.

6. Provide opportunity for education staff not identified for intensive coaching to receive other forms of research-based professional development aligned with program performance goals.

7. Develop and align with program's school readiness goals, curricula, and other approaches to professional development.

8. Provide adequate training and experiences in adult learning and in using assessment data to drive coaching strategies aligned with program performance goals.

9. Develop goals informed by the programs goals and a process for achieving those goals.

10. Attends Head Start Policy Council meetings center based parent meetings in each community.

11. Prepares reports, maintains confidential, up-to-date records.

12. Assists the Department Director in tasks related to improving the operation of the child development centers; includes involvement in planning, staffing, equipping, organizing, monitoring and training.

13. Serves as an advocate for program children and their families. 

14. Observes children, identifying those needing special attention and assists staff in planning activities that help develop good mental health skills.

15. Monitor Centers on at least a monthly basis to ensure Centers are up to date on all licensing requirements.

16. Organize and oversee the collection of data for the annually conducted Head Start/Early Head Start Community Needs Assessment: this includes design of the data collection instrument, training of interviewer, and final tabulation of the information.

17. Responsible for entering data into the ChildPlus Software.

18. Responsible for doing teacher observations using the CLASS observation tool. 19. Performs other duties as assigned. 


1. B.S. degree in Education with some experience in Special Education preferred, or A.A. in Education leading to B.S. in Education with experience working with children and their families.

2. Three (3) years of experience in the field of Early Childhood with applying knowledge of licensure regulations and disabilities experiences including services to infants and preschool children.

3. Must understand different cultures and value system and possess basic skills needed for good human relations.

4. Have personal transportation, valid MS State Driver's License, and liability insurance.

5. Acquire Health Card

6 Must have First Aid/CPR Certification

7 Able to attend out-of-state meetings

8. Leadership ability

9. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing

10. Knowledge of growth and development of young children

11. Ability to design and conduct training sessions for adults

12. Ability to establish good working relationships with other agencies and the general public

13. Basic knowledge of community locale and its resources

14. Perform other duties as assigned. 

NOTE: The Administrative Personnel Policy & Procedures of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, Native American Preference, Section II (A), have been revised and approved, as follows: Further bolstering this Native American preference to promote employment of MBCI members, it is the policy of MBCI to employ persons(s) who are not members of MBCI only when to qualified member of MBCI, who has applied for the position, can be trained up upgraded to fill a given job vacancy within a reasonable period of time at a reasonable cost, and then only when a Waiver of Native American Preference has been secured from the Committee on Human Resources, Training and Development on a case-by-case basis. The authority to waive Native American Preference laws can only be exercised by the Committee on Human Resources, Training and Development. The Committee will exercise its discretion to do so only when a motion is made by a committee member to support such waiver and the committee determines by reviewing the facts and appropriate written documentation that a waiver is justified. A waiver to allow the employment of a person who is not a member of MBCI, or to employ a person who is Native American outside the order of preference set forth in this Policy, can be made by the Committee only for as long as the person who is granted the waiver remains in the position for which the waiver was granted. That waiver does not apply to other openings which the person who is granted the waiver may request a promotion or transfer for or apply for. The Committee only has the right to approve or disapprove a waiver that has been requested by Executive Branch supervisors, and has no right to direct, demand, or coerce any executive Branch supervisor or personnel that any specific applicant other than the one for which waiver is sought, be employed. Supervisors who do not follow the Native American Preference Policy are subject to disciplinary action up to termination.