Bus Driver

East Peoria Elementary Dist 86   East Peoria, IL   Full-time     Transportation
Posted on July 5, 2024

Bus Driver

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: • 178 day contract • Board of Education approved school calendar

Pay: Starting at $24 an hour


  1. High school graduate
  2. Knowledge of federal and state rules and regulations regarding transportation safety issues
  3. Hold and maintain a CDL Class B with Passenger and S Endorsement (we will train to get CDL)

SUPERVISOR: Transportation Supervisor


  • To provide a safe and efficient district student transportation system
  • To follow District 86 and building policies, procedures and regulations, and attendance standards


  1. Obeys all traffic laws and mandatory safety regulations for school buses with the well-being of students as the top priority.
  2. Maintains license without lapse. Renews license on or prior to the last date of license.
  3. Adheres to the established laws, polices, rules, and regulations regarding the operation of a school vehicle.
  4. Completes and turns in daily and monthly mileage sheets and required time sheets on time.
  5. Maintains a safe driving record. East Peoria Elementary School District 86 4.32 Bus Driver
  6. Adheres to the assigned bus schedules, lists of bus stops, and student seating charts provided by the building administrators.
  7. Transports only authorized students, and discharges students at authorized stops.
  8. Maintains ridership list.
  9. Maintains a sense of pride in the areas of responsibility.
  10. Completes vehicle checks as required by law and district protocols, and files reports appropriately.
  11. Reports repairs needed and safety concerns promptly to the Transportation Supervisor.
  12. Maintains a good community relations image and acts responsibly as a representative of the district, both in the district and out of the district.
  13. Remains available to assist the Transportation Supervisor or other transportation personnel as needed.
  14. Maintains knowledge of all current laws, rules, techniques pertaining to pupil transportation as related to the role of the driver.
  15. Immediately reports all bus accidents or emergencies (no matter how minor), traffic violations, and citations to the Transportation Supervisor.
  16. Communicates effectively with all levels of school staff as needed.
  17. Exercises cooperation and good judgment when working with students.
  18. Is a positive role model for students, is neat in appearance, and uses proper language.
  19. Assists in maintaining the district’s standards of vehicle cleanliness to provide a healthy, safe, and attractive physical environment.
  20. Maintains orderly conduct when students are on the bus.
  21. Conforms to the district’s/building’s procedures for student discipline, and reports student discipline issues to the proper authority following district guidelines and procedures. East Peoria Elementary School District 86 4.32 Bus Driver
  22. Maintains proper, positive, and professional communication with the Transportation Dispatcher with the appropriate use of the radio and in accordance with legal guidelines.
  23. Promptly notifies the proper authority in case of late arrival on routes..
  24. Maintains an appropriate standard of confidentiality of information in regards to Transportation Department business.
  25. Completes training as required by the district.
  26. Devotes a minimum of 10% of the normal work day to ensuring that all reasonable and necessary precautions are taken to protect students, staff, equipment, books/supplies, materials, apparatus, and facilities from damage and other safety or cleanliness conditions that may arise.
  27. Assumes the responsibility for other matters as may be assigned from time to time by the Transportation Supervisor